In the article Kerr talks about slang and how she thinks it is represents the English language poorly and represents the youth poorly. Slang is a type of language that is regarded as informal. Some slang words have made it into the Oxford dictionaries. Kerr is one of a minority who think that slang is […]

When you first step out of your car and look around Chandler Way, you will see it as 3 different worlds: lower class, middle class and upper class. Firstly let’s talk about the start of the road, where you can hardly walk 5 minutes without having this illicit smoke in the air which you have to […]

6 am:  the caretaker opens the gates to The London Nautical School – the school that every kid wants to go to. This is the  school that every Year 11 gets A* in. The school that every student loves every minute, from Year 7 all the way to Year 11. Where in fact only 62% […]

How do the studied poets and Shakespeare use literary techniques to show how people respond to forces in the world over which they have no control? Shakespeare uses literary techniques to show how people respond to forces in the world over which they have control over. The first literary technique I will use is the […]

In Act 4 scene 6 Horatio gets a letter from Hamlet saying that he has been captured by pirates but they have let Rosencrantz and Guildernstern free. He also explains how shocked he is that the pirates aren’t going to kill him.

In Act 4 scene 5 it starts off with Gertrude and Horatio discussing Ophelia and that she is so sad that her father died and that she can’t take it anymore. Later on in the scene while Hamlet was on a boat to England, Laerts storms into the kings castle and starts shouting and asking who […]

In Act 4 scene 4 the prince of Norway, Fortinbras goes to Cladius to ask him if he can go through Denmark to get to Poland and attack them so they get the land they lost in Poland. Hamlet has his doubts about Fortinbras only going to Poland to get a little bit of land. he […]

In Act 4 scene 3 Claudius tells his attendants that Polonius has been killed and his plan to send Hamlet to England. He also wants Rosencrantz and Guildernstern to go with Hamlet to England. Hamlet refuses to give up the body of Polonius but says he is being eaten by worms. Claudius then tells Rosencrantz […]

To be or not to be is the famous soliloquy from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. What Hamlet was trying say in the soliloquy was whether he should kill him self or not. He was thinking about just sleeping and never waking up, so he can sleep and stop all the heartache and just die in a […]

In Act 4 scene 2 Claudius, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern wants to know where Hamlet hid the body of Polonius but he refuses but does give them couple clues.

In Act 4 scene 1 Claudius is expecting to hear from Polonius about what was going on with Hamlet and his mum but instead learns that Polonius has been killed while listening to the conversation.

In Act 3 scene 4 Hamlets mum the queen wants to have a chat with Hamlet in private but then Claudius and Polonius hear about it and then Polonius goes to ease drop on them and goes and hides behind a curtain. Hamlet goes talk to his mum Gertrude about her guilt then he hears […]